October 2012

'Be-ONE project' was born with the aim of putting together the Team Noveratio service, a point of reference in the Business Intelligence area for 10 years, and ERP Solutions, vertical operator in the field of the Supply Chain and Logistic Operations with strong experiences in manufacturing and logistic-transport sectors. The project of integration of the two entities has been committed to MBO Partners, management company that make and organize the 2013-2015 Business Plan.


Be-ONE team, already point of reference in the Business Intelligence solutions market, reinforces its own position as a SAP Service Partner with important investments in the field of the Supply Chain:

  • In the early 2014, Be-ONE team starts the Logistic Experience Center in Valdaro using a partnership and investing in the realization of a Service Center for the as-a-service distribution in the field of the Supply Chain and in the modeling of a complete SAP-EWM template.
  • In the early 2015 there's the release of the SAP-EWM platform by the logistic partner that made possible the real experience of the Service Centre in Valdaro (Processes, Technologies, applicative solutions, Performance Monitoring).

June 2015

The targets were succesfully reached and this fact brought to accelerate the next evolutions: MBO Partners became the referent partner and MBO Consulting was born from the Be-ONE project. MBO Consulting is an IT Service company which aim is differentiate itself and become a point of reference in SAP services world, using its dimension, Service capacity and vertical competences.


'Our vision is to improve the competitiveness among our customers, supporting them in the study and revision of their company processes, obtaining the best possible performance thanks to the advanced use of the technologies provided by the market'


'Our mission is to be the experts on technologies and software solutions used to support logisitic and productive processes, recognized as a business competitive key point by our customers'


Resources: 50 direct resources, specialized in the vertical field of Business Area;
Economics: 2014 Turnover of 4,5 Millions Euro
Sites: Mantova, Cesena, Campogalliano (MO) e Verona
Data Center: Valdaro (MN)
Certificazions: ISO 9001 di SGS
SAP Service Partner