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Process Consulting

MBO Expert advice team, extended to the strategic partnership with Toyota Academy, put together excellent consulting competences with strong company experience, proposing different interventions from company strategy to implementation and managing of the 'company system' different components (processes, human resources, informatic system).
Intervention areas:

  • Strategic analysis and business model definition: the company strategy is clearly defined by applying classical models of analysis, so that it can be identified the business model and the factors that are used to make the difference (value creation).
  • Process Management: from the BPM (Business Process Modeling) to the improving projects of the processes of the Supply Chain, using the application of Lean - Six Sigma methods.
  • Performance Management: from the BPM to the KPI Modeling with the definition of The Key Performance Indicator 4 layers of a Business Area and its processes on several levels of retail
  • Information System Management: support intervention in order to put together the company strategy and the IT area planning in terms of investments and organizing plan of the service. Making explicit the company strategy in process that create value, it is employed the core and context analysis to plan investments and managing efforts that are coherent with the company strategy. Everything is made developing a correct managing equilibrium of all the components of the company system: processes, computer system and human resources.