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Since the 05/05/2014, BeONE datacenter is working in the new location sited in the Service Centre of Valdaro (MN). The DataCenter has been thought and realized on the New Generation Datacenter Technology guide lines, using characteristics that guarantee an adequate availability to support intern and delivery logistic processes, e-commerce operators interconnections, cloud sharing on the net, with external applications and an extreme flexibility in order to adequate rapidly and efficiently to the customers business changes.

There are two 'control room', a local one and a remote one, offering a protection and monitoring, using many devices and resources. Besides a in-campus data copy system, datacenter is also connected with another twin plant through EMC Datadomain deduplication systems, including the possibility of Disaster Recovery services based on EMC Technology.

The datacenter has specifically been studied to offer added-value services in national and transnational management systems field, both in terms of implemented technologies (virtualization, storage solid state, autostriping, deduplication, networking and security, disaster recovery), and in terms of monitoring services, support and managing based on pro-activities and applicative competence on hosting contents.

Moreover, the datacenter is one of the pillar of the Customer Experience Center located in Valdaro, that has collected the participation of different subjects that work in logistic sectors and IT Services and that have made DataCenter a point of excellence of their technological experiences.

Datacenter Rittal system with rack volumes conditioning, home automation and remote control system. There are also multicore server, unique on the market with Vmware firmware in order to offer a complete synergy among hw component, OS and storage.

Multicore servers, unique on the market with firmware VMware, for a complete synergy between the hw component, the operating system and storage.

Range top of EMC storage that includes auto-tiering functions on a flash memory and performance discs. It has been realized for managing applications and mission critical.

Deduplication on EMC Datadomain, in campus in a secondary room with the possibility of DR on a geographic network in Imola. .

The plant design has been installed and tested with a certificate issued by Rittal, which operates a 24/7 remote monitoring and maintenance managing and remote control.

The plant design has been installed and tested with a certificate issued by Rittal, which operates thanks to a Diesel generator, located on campus and far from UPS, that start working in 40 seconds since the accident Working tests are made every 6 months.

Gruppi UPS groups completely redounded that give power to the datacenter no-stop. Electrical lines are duplicated and they have different paths when reaching the rooms.

Conditioning and fire-extinguishing located inside the racks and redounded in every part.