Data Center

Datacenter is one of the pillar of the Customer Experience Center located in Valdaro; the initiative has collected the participation of different subjects that work in logistic sectors and IT Services and that have made DataCenter a point of excellence of their technological experiences.

Business Intelligence

MBO Consulting, thanks to its experience and non-stop innovative push -feauters that characterizes the company since the early beginning- is able to accompany the customer in the realization of a 'Business Intelligence System', that is a basic support requisite to realize the Company Vision within the strategic targets.

Supply Chain Management

MBO Consulting teams have developed a strong competence on the logistic processes in all the Supply Chain fields. From the storehouse logistic, to the delivery one and to the national and international road or intermodal transport. The competence covers all the business aspects, operative and economic ones, both for companies that see logistic as a component of their industrial process and for companies that see logistic and transportation as their own core business.

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Fashion: Business Analytics

Analysis purchasing habits, Loyalty Analysis, Analysis of Spending, Prediction of super loyal customers, Sentimental analysis

Engineering & Construction Sector

Production & cost controlling, General and analytical accounting, Management Control, Profitability & Profit contribution analysis