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Supply chain

MBO team has developed a strong competence on logistic and transport processes all over the fields of the Supply Chain, from the storehouse logistic, to the delivery one and to the national and international road or intermodal transport.
The competence covers all the business aspects in terms of operations and economics, both for companies that see logistic as a component of their industrial process and for companies that consider logistic and transportation as their own core business.
The realized projects have brought MBO Consulting to operate in national and international groups to projects in which the most innovative and integrated technologies have provided advanced solutions for planning, execution and active and passive economic final balance of all the aspects of the internal and external logistic.

  • SAP EWM: MBO Consulting, starting from SAP standard solution, has consolidated its own experience defining some pre-configured models used to satisfy the most logistic processes required by the main market sectors. The model based on EWM solution is made by different components that increase its value and efficacy into the company.
  • SAP TM: Our approach on the research of solutions starts from the business processes knowledge. We found in SAP TM a big correspondence between our customers needs and the processes that have already been mapped into the SAP solution.
  • FAST: Fast system is the result of an innovative approach to the global forwarding service management, that drives the practicality starting from an intuitive and flexible customization of service structures. Moreover it focuses the company resources on business process, creating value for the company and the customer.